Yoga for children

Anyone can practice yoga, which is why it’s a good idea to start early. Yoga for children does exist, thankfully.

What kind of practice for kids

I would say it depends on the age of each child and especially what the child is looking for in the yoga practice. It is important to target what each person wants from practicing yoga (true for adults, as well as children).

Why practice Yoga For Children?

It is important to articulate that yoga is much more than just acrobatic postures. It is possible to focus on the aspect of difficult postures alone, but that is not my choice. I prefer to focus on the well being of the child first.


It is important, to practice postures, only breathing, relaxation and meditation are also there to bring a plus. The whole then allows to have a beneficial effect on the different bodies. This is just as important for children as for adults.

Posture in Yoga for Children

Yoga Pour les enfants Loison Sous Lens

Posture has several roles that are really all very important:

  • Energizing your body, exercising is a good thing;
  • To breathe well, it is always interesting to have a good breath;
  • To locate one’s right from one’s left, simple and important to be able to orientate oneself;
  • To relax, to remain too much in alert is tiring and can involve disorders;
  • To concentrate on a task, in a series of postures to manage to carry out all without forgetting anything.

Is it just for kids?

You’ve certainly figured out that it’s useful for everyone, with adults needing it as much as children.

Stress in children?

When I started yoga in 1995 and my training in 1998, I had the idea that yoga for children was mostly gymnastics. Since then, I have had time to change my mind because I know that stress also exists, unfortunately, at the level of children. That’s why the interiorizing side of yoga is very welcome in Yoga For Kids.

Yoga Enfants Loison Sous Lens