Yoga for adults

Yoga For All, so Yoga for Adults in general and particular.

The Origins of Yoga:


Yoga is a discipline that originated in India, that is, the first traces of this discipline were found there. The teaching given then was oral, by word of mouth.

However, there is, of course, a substantial literature of Yoga.

Photo temple en Inde
En Inde, un temple lors de mon voyage


Yoga consists of 8 important limbs. You probably know the most well-known ones: posture, breathing and meditation. Is that just three limbs out of eight? Five other parts exist in addition allowing you to work completely on yourself.

The respect

The first two members, which are very important, are Yama and Niyama, what are they? They actually refer to respect. Yama, being the first one, poses respect in relation to others and the second Niyama by complement, deals with self-respect.


There is the concentration, the retraction of the senses, and the state of liberation. Indeed, it’s quite abstract, yet it makes it easier to go to yourself and others and be well.

What type of yoga for adults have I chosen?

Hatha Yoga?

So, for me, Hatha Yoga, The union of the sun and the moon, the search for union was my choice. The search to simply be myself, even if it is far from always easy.

The Viniyoga

What is Viniyoga? Viniyoga is the adaptation of the practice to the practitioner, taking into account who he is and taking into account his physical capacities too. It requires more work in the class, but it is very pleasant and stimulating to go to the students and adapt what they do to who they are. The Vinliyoga Federation.

Respect the possibilities OF each

All right, based on respecting everyone’s possibilities. It is important to move forward, always respecting one’s possibilities. I advise to allow everyone to be careful, sometimes doing less, sometimes being able to go further.

Adaptation du Yoga au pratiquant
Adaptation du Yoga au pratiquant

The research of each one

Currently, in my adult yoga classes, students come mostly to settle down, to refocus and also to evacuate the daily stress. Yes, the flexibility is also there, no need to worry about it.

The competition, I leave it to others

Each session I give allows you to move forward on a physical, mental or psychological level. In Yoga, there are several types of Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga which allows people to go further in the perfection of a posture, I leave it to others.

Yoga for what kind of people ?

Yoga for adults only? As you can see on the website. It is possible to give classes to children, even to very young children in the company of their parents. In adults, there are also different categories knowing that yoga is also beneficial for our elders whatever their age.

Yoga for adults: of working age

It is a real well being that yoga brings for working adults. The management of stress is better because it teaches to manage things better. Yoga goes further than the practice of postures thanks to the additional aids of breathing, meditation, emptying the mind and especially taking time for oneself.

Yoga for pregnant women

Yes, pregnant women can practice yoga. You have to wait until the third month of pregnancy, then it’s a definite benefit to practice. Whether it’s for breathing or childbirth.

Yoga pour femme enceinte
Yoga pour femme enceinte

Yoga for adults: the retreat

I’m talking about people in retirement, I should mostly be talking about our seniors, knowing that many can and do practice the same yoga as those of working age. It’s a little difficult to make such a clear distinction right now knowing that I would then be off base. Our retirees are quite often just as fit as those who are working.

Yoga for adults: the fourth age

Why the fourth age, however I would prefer to note fifth age. There, without making a strict division, I would mostly put forward people who have tremendous health problems. And yes, in the adult yoga I’m talking about here, we can have all ages.

Yoga en maison de retraite
Yoga en maison de retraite

Adapting postures to the practitioner

Yes, it’s important to be able to adapt yoga for adults and for each person in general so that everyone can get good effects and at the same time enjoy themselves. It’s important to practice without hurting yourself, so adaptation is important.

Yoga for Adults: According to the Person

Actually, for me Yoga for adults, dare we say for humans, is impossible to categorize by a distinct age. In the training I received: the Viniyoga, the important thing is especially the adaptation to the practitioner. This also means that observation and communication are important in this technique. It is then necessary for the Yoga of the adults to remain always in alert with regard to what occurs.

Yoga for adults: in retirement homes

I have taught yoga sessions in retirement homes or EHPAD before. In one of the retirement homes, the students in the yoga sessions were people with Alzheimer’s disease, as you can assume the sessions were adapted.

An outdoor yoga session

In India, a yoga session can be given both indoors and outdoors. I have done it several times, whether in the North of France or in Nantes. It is always a great experience.

Séance de Yoga au Parc de Procè à Nantes
Séance de Yoga au Parc de Procè à Nantes