Laughter Yoga

A little history of Laughter Yoga

Before 2014, even without being a Laughter Yoga facilitator, I would often laugh in sessions with students. Yoga is serious yes. Nevertheless so is laughter. So following a request from students, I went to training to acquire this new skill. I did an internship with Fabrice Loiseau. I was then able to lead sessions.

Formation Animateur de Yoga du rire Alain TANGUY
Formation Animateur de Yoga du rire Alain TANGUY

Animating and laughing well

Back in Loison Sous Lens, I started to give my first laughter sessions. I was able to animate sessions in the yoga association for which I was already teaching Yoga pour adultes.

From animator to teacher of laughter yoga

In 2015 I went further, so I went back to training to become a teacher. For a week many of us attended the training under the knowing eye of Madan Kataria. We then explored, much more in depth all the techniques to trigger our laughter.

After receiving our teacher’s diploma from Madan Kataria, a group photo was welcome.

What good memories I have of this training which gave me a lot of things including the technique to lead sessions. In addition to that, I met so many beautiful people that I always like to see.

People like Fanny Got who has created a laughter yoga card game which I am eagerly waiting for the link on the Internet to offer you. This card game is a plus, it can even be used to run entire sessions of Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga sessions in Nantes at the Parc de Procé

With Jean Yves Guinemer, teacher of the Yoga of Laughter, and his wife, we gave a few sessions of Yoga of Laughter. Where in Nantes at the Parc de Procé with the enthusiastic support of the Nantes City Council.

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A little rain? Laughter Yoga session at Procé Park on March 5, 2018

A video too?

A group of Laughter Yoga and Rigology facilitators

In 2016, for the laughing community, some friends and I created a group on facebook. The theme was then found: to enable mutual support between facilitators and teachers. The group is called Partager ses rires entre animateurs and it’s going strong.

As you can understand it is reserved for laughter facilitators and teachers because we are actually talking about technique.

The Yoga of Laughter on France

There is a site on which you can find the list of clubs, it is l’observatoire du Yoga du rire

The motto of Laughter Yoga?

When we get together to laugh, we know we are going to laugh. However, the most important thing is that we laugh with others, never at others. It’s important to make that clear.

Laughter Yoga workshops

Whether it is for an association, a company or simply for individuals, it is always possible to offer you a laughter yoga animation.

I’ve done some great sessions in various locations including a beach for a bridal shower. Near a castle for a company whose name I must withhold. It was a great session with just over ten people. What a laugh that day.

And, it is possible to do, if you are interested, you have the form to contact me.

A video of a young person talking about his experience with Laughter Yoga: