Eye Yoga

Eye Yoga, what’s better than starting with your own eyes?

Eye yoga, a boon to my eyes.

Mes Yeux pour le Yoga des yeux
Mes Yeux pour le Yoga des yeux


The eyes, part are an important part of our body. They are muscles, so we must treat them as such. So solicit them when the need exists. We must also allow them to rest properly.

Too many screens

Eyes that repeatedly look at screens, do them more harm than good. Whether it’s looking at the cell phone, television or even being in front of a computer. This often results in hours in front of a screen for a day.

Exercises for your eyes:

Yes, there are a good number of exercises to work your eyes. Be careful though, too much exercise can also be a concern. Rest is also a useful thing for our eyes.

The regularity in eye yoga exercises

Warning, however, nothing miraculous, do not expect instant miraculous results. Eye Yoga must be done with regularity, willpower and also a lot of patience. It is like any yoga exercise.


It is important to work on the mobility of the eye, without stopping there of course. Parts of the body related to sight are to be worked on. Noting that breathing with oxygen intake is also important in being able to see well.

The too-fixed-to-forget look

To look well, we must avoid staring at things for too long. that’s why there are exercises to overcome this. the eye can move, so it’s a good idea to use this function of the eye, what do you think?


Sweeping the gaze, for the focus of the object being looked at can help. The again there are several possibilities, moving the head or the eyes.

Exercises, in number?

exercises are plentiful to keep your eyesight the way it is, without telling you that it can get better.

Yoga des Yeux Tadaka Mudra
Yoga des Yeux Tadaka Mudra

There are the exercises of converges, which are excellent to work the eyes, I give you a file to practice


Note, it is important to get your eyes checked by an eye doctor for any concerns related to your eyes, Eye Yoga will never replace the advice of a medical specialist.

Internships, initiation, individual courses to care for your eyes

I have already given workshops in association in the city of Avion, it was my baptism of fire in this field. Then, I was contacted by an external company that regularly gives me contracts in this field in companies.

It’s really important, within companies, especially with the screens that many have to use to pay attention to your eyes. At each intervention, I give exercises, tips and most importantly I allow everyone to express their personal needs.